How we got started...

I have always had a passion for fabric and design - it must run in the family as my Mum and Aunt both made their own wedding dresses and still run off curtains with ease!  Some of my favourite childhood memories are sitting at a sewing machine or with my Granny Ruby teaching me to knit and crochet.  

I started quilting after seeing some funky modern quilts in a home magazine (I have ALOT of home magazines!) and thought I could make some fab Christmas quilts for my nieces - Ruby and Orlagh.  Having amassed a huge hoard of fabric I thought I'd better have a go making and selling some pieces.  I did and the bug bit!

Emma Neale Handmade was started originally as a hobby in 2014.  As the business grew I eventually took the natural but nail biting step of quitting my full time job, I was then able to take a part time position nearer home and concentrate more on ENH.  February 2017 was the next big mile stone - going full time.  September of 2017 saw the business move from our spare bedroom to a specially built studio (thanks to my husband Gaz) a few steps from our back door complete with industrial sewing machines and space to store all our amazing fabrics.    

It's exciting and terrifying to think how far its all come and where it's going but without my family, friends and of course all my wonderful customers it wouldn't have even got started.  

Thank you all for your continued support!